Adobe Acrobat Reader: Annotate, Scan, & Send PDFs App Reviews

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My notes no longer open

When I opened the app today, I noticed that my annotations that I created on my desktop version of Adobe no longer work.

Excellent App

Really enjoy this app. Excellent.

File naming

Nice, simple, but needs a customizable default file naming scheme to start with when scanning files. I find that "Scanner Pro" by Readdle is a better app and give you more for you money.

Is awesome

This app is awesome because allow me to store in my phone PDFs of information that I need and can keep there for future use and also I am a graphic designer so I have created and used the app for pc plenty of times. I love Adobe products and Adobe Acrobat is one of my favorites.

Superb app no question

Easy to use and edit. Very intuitive

Very efficient and fast

The program loads files very quickly and has plenty of options for highlighting text captions and notes. It also works flawlessly with storage applications such as Dropbox.

Great app ...

Just need an update to put more options on text editing and colors and other stuff.

Cant go without it.

Very easy to use.

Looses Settings Every Time

Every time I open the app I have to re connect my Dropbox account. I have read from others it is the most recent update.

Pain in the neck

I got an email to update my flash player. I tapped update and got endless pop up garbage from them. I had to go to the App Store to download it. I did and was disappointed with what they had to offer. I deleted it right away and will not make the mistake of opening their emails again.

App setting keeps resetting!

Every time you reopen this app all your settings reset thereby making you redo the whole tutorial and delinking your Dropbox account! Its super annoying


Makes documenting more fun

Less than 1 star

Subscribed to Export PDF. Will not let me log in. Infinite loop scenario wants me to subscribe again and again. No help @ Adobe. FAQ comments show lots of similar comments. $24 POS.

Works smoothly!!

Very convenient when it comes down to forwarding my resumes to employers!!


Thanks Adobe group!

Big Time Saver

Our business uses this app daily. It makes our product flow so much more efficient. This app is absolutely a time saver. I would highly suggest it to any small business.

I was going to....

I was gonna write a scathing review about how i cant download Adobe Mix because i have IOS 9.3.5 not IOS 10 but then i remembered Adobe apps are free so i shut my mouth... ❤️❤️❤️ Adobeeeee!!

Doesnt download or do anything ,

I get PDF on web . It never goes to this app . I cant create pdfs . So what does this thing do?

A Students dream

It is very good for making reading easier me mates

Love it!

Im a business owner who does alot of training, form composing, and this app makes it so much easier to do my job. I use this app more than any other app. Its super convenient!

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